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Thursday, May 04, 2006

4 Ways to Motivate Yourself
By Momodou Sabally

Motivation (let’s call it the motive to act) could be internal
or external. For our purpose, let’s focus on internal or self
motivation. This is essential for success. Now let’s discuss
quick tips on how to rev yourself up to your cherished
destination: Success Now!

Yes, rev yourself, like an automobile to move faster in your
positive directions. You need motivation for success, and the
question you may be asking now is “how do I get it?” my answer
will be simple and practical. Here are 4 practical ways to
motivate yourself:

1. State Your Goals

First you need clearly stated goals with deadlines; write them
on paper then
develop a strong desire to achieve those goals. W. Clement Stone
and Napoleon Hill in their PMA Science of Success state that if
you know what you want and want it strongly enough, then you
will surely get it.

2. Create a Definite Plan

You need a concise plan for the achievement of your goals; and
it is important to
work your plan. An action plan in itself is a good source of
motivation and it will save you time in moving towards your
destination. Motivational speaker and author Steve Chandler says
“successfully planned work will motivate you to do more and more
until you become unstoppable.”

3. Welcome your problems

See the good in obstacles; as you work your plan, you are
likely to face problems but that should not make you to give up.
Countless philosophers have said that every failure (or problem)
has the seed of an equivalent good in it. Learn to see the good
in problems and if you are a religious person pray for the
ability to see the good in every problem when it arises. This
attitude will help you to make your problems work for you, and
against you.

4. Have Fun

Finally, learn to make your work fun. The key here is to do the
job that makes you happy. If your current job is not fun for
you, do not be discouraged. Your key for now will be to try to
see the fun in it. Pro football Hall of Famer Frank Tarkenton
was quoted as saying that you should look at any job you do as
fun. “If it’s not fun, you’re not doing it right”.

You now have 4 easy steps to quickly motivate yourself into
ACTION. The key word here is ACTION. All the motivation in this
world will not do anything for you unless you ACT NOW. Trust
these steps as workable and effective guidelines and implement
them. The results will amaze you.

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